Wednesday, January 29, 2014

master bath progress

The master bath is on it's last stages of finishing. It's been a few months since we started but my husband and I are doing it all ourselves little by little on the weekends and evenings. My husband had to make this bath from nothing because it was actually our old dining room, which was right off the master bedroom. We knocked out the wall between the two and put a door and then closed off the other wall that was open from the dining room to the kitchen (sorry if that's hard to follow.) So therefore my husband had to run all new plumbing, electrical, framing and all that not so fun stuff.  We have now put up Sheetrock and started tiling the shower floor. Thought I would give you a sneak peek:)

                                  This was the dining room before we closed it off.

This is from the same point of view as the before picture, which is from the kitchen. As you can see we have closed off that wall now and added a little laundry closet. On this new wall we are going to wood plank the whole thing(it's not a very big wall) and add a small desk down low and barnwood shelves up top for displaying goodies:) I'm excited about that!

This is a picture from the master bedroom looking into the new bathroom. This is going to be the new shower. The red stuff is a waterproofing liner we put on before we tile. Probably can't tell a whole lot about the layout or anything because we haven't put the vanity or toilet in yet. It's a very small bathroom but it will be perfect for what we need and I can't wait to add all the finishing touches!

This is the shower floor tile. It's been layed but not grouted yet. I chose a small hexagonal pattern in a Carrara marble looking stone. I love them! They are white tones with a little bit of grey. The wall tile will be white subway tile. I was going for the simple, classic, timeless look. Sorry about the dark pictures, we don't have all the lighting installed yet.

The reason for doing this whole remodel is because we had a 2 bedroom 2 bath house previously. The 2nd bath used to be a 3rd bedroom but the previous owners converted it into a big laundry/bathroom, which was nice to have but after just recently having our 2nd child we really needed that 3rd bedroom back. The only problem was making that back into a bedroom meant losing that bathroom and having to all share one bath. After racking my brain for months and months I finally came up with the idea to close off the dining room and make that a master bath. That way we would have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Perfect solution...although I loved my little dining room and was a little sad to see it go, it will be well worth it. Plus the dining room has moved to an unused space by the front door by a big window with views of the mountains, so I'm getting used to that:)

So basically we have been living in chaos and Sheetrock dust and I can't wait for it to be done! Not only do I get to decorate my new bathroom but that also means I get to redecorate my sons room, and my daughters new room (they had been sharing a room.) I'm sooo excited about making my sons room boyish and my daughters room girly. Who knew one bathroom project would turn into 10 other projects? haha So I'll be having a lot of reveals in the next few months. 
Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow you two have been very busy. It's looking oh so good. Back in the day hubby and I went through a similar project so I know how long and drawn out it can feel with little problems popping up here and there to make things go even more slowly. Looks to me like your almost to the fun stuff of actually putting the finishing touches with all the nitty, gritty behind you. Such an exciting time for sure. Good Luck and can't wait to see the finished room.

  2. Thanks for finding my blog and coming by now I have found you. I am a new follower of your sweet blog. I cannot wait to see the bath finished. Looking great so far.

  3. The process of doing major house projects is never fun. But it sure is worth it when it's completed, all cleaned up, and ready to enjoy!
    Mary Alice