Monday, January 7, 2013

growth chart ruler

Finally hung the growth chart ruler my husband made and surprised me with for Christmas! I had seen a couple of the rulers on pinterest and had hinted to him I would love one of these to see our kids growth each year before they got too old. This is what I was surprised with Christmas Eve ( he couldn't wait til Christmas Day to give it to me) It was his own version and design of it. I was beyond ecstatic! He took a piece of 100 year old wood from a local barn that was torn down. The marks and scrapes on it are beautiful and could never be duplicated. That's its true color he just put a clear coat on top after sanding. He burnt all the lines into the wood and burnt our children's names at the top. Each child gets a side of the ruler so we know who's who. The numbers are house numbers he bought from lowes. This is by far the best gift he has ever given me! It is something I will keep forever and ever and ever and one day even mark my grand kids height on it as well. It was so heavy I needed help to hang it on the wall in our living room. My husband helped me yesterday so now I can sit back and admire it everyday and have a tradition to mark heights every year on their birthdays!


  1. Hi Thanks so much for your return I appreciated much,happy to be in at your blog.wow this one such an authentic idea, love the original wood color.Your husband have made beautiful work.
    have a nice week