Monday, April 28, 2014

new bathroom reveal

We have been working every extra second we have on this bathroom...and now it is pretty much done! So excited to finally have a master bath in our bedroom. My husband and I found this older dresser and repurposed it into our vanity. We bought a square wall mount sink at Home Depot that worked perfect on top. My husband had to do a lot of wood working on the drawers to box them in for the plumbing and try to give us as much usable storage space as possible. He was able to make all the drawers function which was my goal. We decided to use mostly glass in the shower because this is not a very big bathroom and with no closed in spaces it gives it the illusion it is bigger than it really is. I got the light base part in oil rubbed bronze at Home Depot as well. It was just the flat base that goes against the wall..it did not come with the globes (I didn't like any of the options for the globes they had.) I went online and found a website that sells the light cages that are used to cage in lights on constructions sites. They were originally a brass color and I sprayed them with oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I was pleased how they turned out.  Hope you all like it too! It was so much fun designing and picking out all the details but I am sooo glad it is finally done and useable! Now on to the next project:)

Savvy Southern Style